In The News: Toronto Star Publishes Story on Dr. Andersen’s Research supporting police reform

By admin - October 6, 2020 10:18 am

Ontario ombudsman blasts ‘outdated’ police training tool (Use of Force Model) that emphasizes weapons over de-escalation, despite repeated calls for change

Learn more about Policy Recommendations for Police Training by reading the official Report based on research findings presented to the government in 2018  “Decision Model for Police Encounters: A Science-Based Approach for Decision Making in Police Encounters”

Read the Toronto Star Story. The Ombudsman, the public and scientists continue to question why police organizations and government bodies resist meaningful updates to police training and use of force models. For example, aside from adding the word ‘de-escalation’ to their current use of force model, no meaningful science-supported updates have been included in the currently used model since its development in 2004.